Trunquillity treehouse is situated in an area of trees mainly consisting of evergreen pine and firs it provides the perfect setting in which to enjoy the sights and sounds of a coppice/wood enviroment. You may well choose to never leave the treehouse, sitting on its front deck area or even walking around the treehouses panoramic walkways that encompass 3 sides of the house. Your in the treetops here, birds, wildlife is all around. Some of which we will list here, but there’s so much wildlife we simply cant mention them all. Woodpeckers frequent the area, pheasants walk around and pay little attention to the treehouses occupants, badgers, foxes, buzzards, jays, blue tits, otters often walk by making their way for a swim in the stream or the lake, then there’s the shriek of the kingfishers, the calls of the owls, its a wonderful place to grab a glass of wine. Grab a camera and just enjoy, lets not forget we have many squirrels that will enjoy spending time with you, a couple of them are very friendly and will have no issue with welcoming you into their trees. You will see they have their very own “miniature trunkquillity treehouse” situated in the trees just outside the front door”!

SquirrelThe treehouse is a major focal point for the wildlife which has embraced its presence, this could be mainly due to the many bird and wildlife feeding points suspended around the house itself, or maybe the wildlife just enjoys great design! Seriously we encourage guests to help us feed and attract the wild life. Bird seeds, peanuts, fat balls are all stored at the treehouse. If you see an empty feeder and wish to refill it for us, then we will be grateful,