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Treehouse { a ​building, ​structure, or ​shelter ​built among the ​branches of a ​tree }


Bookings placed with Trunkquillity Tree House form a contract with Trunkquillity Tree House (referred to as ‘Trunkquillity’ ‘Tree House’ ‘us’ or ‘we’). By placing a booking, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

The non-refundable deposit forms 30% of the total rental price of the holiday. The remaining balance forms 70% of the total rental price of the holiday.

Premises means the TreeHouse, Grounds and Lake.

1.0 The Guest

1.1 The Guest is the person who makes the booking.
1.2 The Guest must be over the age of 18.
1.3 The Guest is responsible for letting us know how many occupants the Tree House will have during your rental period.
1.4 The Guest is responsible for all habitants of the Tree House within your rental period.
1.5 The Guest must notify us of any pets that are staying at the Tree House.There is NO charge for pets
1.6 Guests must notify us at time of booking if a maid service is required daily or just midweek

2.0 The Premises

2.1 The Premises includes the Tree House, woodland & lake and all grounds making up Trunkquillity Tree House.

3.0 Occupancy of the Tree House

3.1 The Tree House may only be occupied by the Guest plus the other persons named at the time of booking.
3.2 The maximum number of persons occupying the Tree House in addition to the Guest is 4
3.3 Infants and babies count as persons, Pets do not count as persons.
3.4 We reserve the right to refuse entry or evict those listed on the booking form if the number of persons occupying the Tree House exceeds the maximum permitted numbers. This includes entertaining in the Tree House or on the Premises without prior written permission.
3.5 Additional Guests above the maximum numbers specified must be agreed in writing by us.
3.6 We reserve the right not to accept bookings from groups of people under the age of 25.
3.7 Smoking is not permitted in the Tree House and you will incur a fine if you do smoke inside the premises.
3.8 Arrival is 4pm onwards ,departure is no later than 12.pm ,if an earlier arrival or later departure is required please let us know when booking,we cannot promise we can move things around ,however we will endevour to help if we can at no extra cost
3.9 Trunkquillity treehouse breaks do include free use of the fishing lake inc in your stay,the correct equipment must be used and will be checked by one of our angling specialists,no unauthorised equipment will be allowed to be used

4.0 The Contract and Payment

4.1 We reserve the right to reject any booking where a non-refundable deposit has not been received. The Guest’s booking only becomes binding when we receive the non-refundable deposit.
4.2 The booking is only secured when the non-refundable deposit is received. The non-refundable deposit forms 30% of the total rental price of the holiday.
4.3 The remaining price is due 8 weeks before the start of the holiday, ‘the due date”. The full holiday price is payable at the time of booking where the holiday starts within 8 weeks of date of booking.
4.4 If you fail to pay on the due date we shall be entitled to terminate the contract without obligation to repay to you any sum already paid.

5.0 Cancellation

5.1 In the event you cancel your booking, we will make all reasonable efforts to re-let the Tree House. If the Tree House is not re-let there will be no refund. If we do re-let the treehouse, you will receive a refund on the remaining balance minus a 30% marketing fee. Please note that the initial 30% deposit is non-refundable and is not included in the remaining balance refund.
5.2 We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.

6.0 Care of the Premises

6.1 You are responsible for taking good care of the Premises and your Tree House, its furniture, fitments and effects and leaving it in a clean and tidy order. If an excessive amount of cleaning is required at the end of your stay we will charge you the cost.
6.2 All damage and breakages must be reported to us before the end of your stay. We have the right to make repairs and replace damaged property at your expense.
6.3 If you cause damage which results in any part of the Premises from being in our opinion unfit to let to subsequent guests you shall be liable for the resulting loss of rent and any other related losses.
6.4 Pets must be kept off all furniture at all times. Any damage resulting from pet smells/hairs and stains will be charged for.
6.5 The perimeter of the area in which Trunkquillity Treehouse is located is surrounded by c.c.t.v. It is there to ensure the well being of the property and is not there to be intrusive to any guest. All visitor to the site accept the use of such cameras during their stay.

7.0 Our Liability

7.1 We shall not be responsible for any Theft, loss or damage to any belongings ,vehicle,any other transport system,or injuries sustained by you or any member of your party during your stay at trunkquillity.
7.2 We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time and in this event our total liability shall be to refund you all sums which you have already paid including your non-refundable deposit.
7.3 Trunkquillity Tree House do not accept responsibility for anything which adversely affects your holiday which is outside of our control. These circumstances are known as ‘Force Majeure’ events and are circumstances that Trunkquillity Tree House could not, even with due care, have foreseen or avoided. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) war, civil unrest, industrial action, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, foot and mouth disease and all other similar events outside of our control. Trunkquillity Tree House will endeavour to manage any problems caused as a result of a Force Majeure event but shall be under no obligation to do so and shall not be liable to you for any losses caused by a Force Majeure event.
7.4 We shall not be responsible if vehicular acess is not possible direct to the woodland in which trunkquillity treehouse is situated,in rare high water table events you “the guests” will be required to park your vehicles a short walk from the treehouse.

8.0 Your Responsibility

8.1 The Guest is responsible for the correct and decent behaviour of those occupying the Premises. Should the Guest and those occupying the Premises behave in such a manner that is not acceptable to civilised standards, we reserve the right at our discretion to ask the whole party to vacate the Premises, terminating your stay immediately without any further liability to you.

9.0 Complaints

9.1 We aim to maintain the highest standards in running the Premises. In the event that problems do occur you should contact us immediately. Any complaints should be made within 24 hours of any incident giving rise to the complaint and should be notified to us in writing before your departure. If this procedure is not followed we will not consider any claim under any circumstances. But we hope you will never have cause to complain.

10.0 Access to the Premises

10.1 You must allow us and our agents (i.e. gardeners etc.) reasonable access to the Premises. We will endeavour to give you reasonable notice if we need to access the premises.

11.0 Reservations

11.1 single night occupancy is only available at certain times of the year and only monday – thursday night
11.2 Weekend occupancy is fri-sunday morning
11.3 Full week bookings are sat arrival 4pm -sundays 12.pm

12.0 Hot Tub

12.1 The hot tub is available at no extra charge and whilst every effort willbe made to keep the hot tub open at all times there my be occasion when it has to be closed due to maintenance, mechanical or electricAl failure. Given that the hot tub is free of charge no refund can be given in the event of its closure.

12.2 No children under age of 5.

12.3 If any heart conditions or pregnant seek doctors approval first.

12.4 No excessive drinking.

12.5 No ruling behaviour.

12.6 No jumping or driving in.

12.7 Don't add anything yo the water such as oils etc.

12.8 On the day of your departure please can you refrain from using the hot tub in the morning as we will be around to start empty it and re filling so it can be ready for next guests.

Traffic Nearby

The reworked Roman road sees higher volume of traffic than it did when the treehouse was first built all those years ago so the owners/operators wish to make it clear we cannot be held liable or responsible for any traffic noise from the road which is separate from the treehouse by a 7 acre private lawn area you cross to arrive at the treehouse.