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Treehouse { a ​building, ​structure, or ​shelter ​built among the ​branches of a ​tree }

Lake & Fishing

The Fishing lake will play a part in your stay at trunkquillity treehouse in one way or another, be it the views across its shimmering surface from the deck area throughout the day, or those beautiful clear nights. Maybe you just wish to enjoy a stroll around, seek pictures of wildlife or maybe just settle at one of the lakeside picnic benches and have a chillaxing time that fits your mood.

The lake is naturally fed from a stream that ensures a fresh water content carries with it natural food sources and minerals which fish stocks within the lake have been feeding off for years, Fish growth has always been strong and stocks maintained again due to the abundance of natural fry carried into the waters. The lake itself is simply not available to fish by members of the general public, a small professional syndicate have run, monitored, and maintained this beautiful fishing location for over 35 yrs. We as the owners have welcomed this approach as over fishing, stock abuse, and the general welfare of some of the very old carp that lye within the depths are important to us. Fish stocks as well as the afore mentioned carp include mainly course species.

The waters are renowned for producing very large specimen fish, record equalling roach, chubb among others are to be found here. Privacy has always been the main aim here for anyone visiting, professional fisherman from around the world have travelled to fish this location. Famous names include regular visitors, TV personalities, editors and contributors of the United Kingdoms foremost fishing magazines and publications arrive to enjoy the most reclusive of fishing days, its fair to say we never know who will be fishing, but then again we never ask!

The lake description basically says it all, but not quite! As a guest at trunkquillity treehouse you will have full unlimited use of the fishing lake and all it offers for FREE. These web pages are not advertising a fishing holiday as such, we don’t provide fishing equipment, baits, clothing or anything else you may require, anyone wishing to fish must bring their own suitable equipment with them. Hereford is famous for its fishing, chiefly based along the famous river Wye valley, equally its fishing tackle shops are well renowned throughout the fishing community. Perfect for baits and anything else you may need, if your stay is likely to include fishing we require a list of the equipment you wish to use, barbed hooks are banned along with a few other fisherman rules which we will ensure you are aware of before arriving. Remember you maybe sharing the lake with a select group of other fishermen during your stay. Further details can be found in our terms and conditions page. We don’t wish to ruin your experience with a thousand rules but preservation of the fishing is very high on our agenda.