A real treehouse built up in the canopy, turning into a truly magical night time holiday retreat beneath the canopy & stars. Contemporary Modern living space in the form of an architectural design modern house, but built in the treetops.

If modern styling, modern living, and a vision of the most up to date bespoke built treehouse in which to spend your holiday are high on your wish list then we would like to think we have an answer for you.

Trunkquillity treehouse offers a full “live aboard” experience,we offer a beautifully appointed bathroom,kitchen and living space that would grace the everyday home of any proud owner who enjoys the executive lifestyle and all it brings to surround the senses when relaxing at home..

Trunkquillity is located in its own private woodland and overlooks its own private fishing lake Your stay will remain a well guarded secret as you wish it to be. No-one from the outside world can see you “or gain access” unless you wish it to be so. Electronic security barriers ensure no unwelcome visitors can ruin your much needed rest and peace.

The treehouse offers the perfect stay or “short break” stop over for any special occasion,a unique romantic get away, the perfect honeymoon retreat. If you plan to stay close to home or are getting ready to jet off to warmer climbs your stop over here will be the perfect start for the life to come. Leave your guests and head to a truly romantic secluded hideaway amongst the treetops, a perfect space for those perfect moments. A place where just the two of you can reflect on your special day.

Treehouse KitchenBespoke luxury honeymoon treats can be arranged for you, we can help you book a luxury dinner at one of the city’s finest restaurants, fireworks at midnight can be arranged and of course champagne on ice for your arrival. All we wish to do is ensure your perfect day has everything to ensure this truly bespoke experience is as unique as the treehouse itself.

Pets welcomeTrunkquillity also wishes to include your pets in your escape to the treetops, there are however some considerations you as owners should think about, this is a very real treehouse, the deck area towers above the woodland floor below. The decks and walkways are surrounded by hand rails, bespoke stainless steel security wires enhance the modern look aesthetics of the treehouse, but more importantly to ensure your personal well being. However your pet may not be comfortable sharing the deck areas with squirrels that walk around as if they own the place. Pheasants often walk up the stairs and have a wonder around. All forms of wildlife treat this place as their own “because it is!”. Our concern is we make you aware your pets are welcome but you should carefully consider their well being as its something we accept no responsibility for.

Private Helicopter arrival is available at trunkquillitys own private helipad, literally after landing a two minute walk will see you at your new home for the duration of your stay. (landing fees are not applicable for guests, helicopters can be left on stand or if a charter has been used there no return fees) Alternatively we can arrange charter flights to and from Shobdon airfield Herefordshire: A choice of aircraft are available depending on your budget. Details upon request.

Our treehouse was conceived and built with one single goal. If we could create a holiday home, for your time away, short break, special occasion, in a luxury surrounding like no other available that that would be the benchmark for us to reach, nothing short would be acceptable. The term “TREEHOUSE” is both subjective and open to interpretation, but for us it was a simple word to understand, our treehouse would not sit on stilts, would not be built off a bank of land with a few “token” trees popping up through a decking area or through a room within. No it would be built up in the treetops, our design brief was simple. It was cast in stone, “so a treehouse” it was!